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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Skin Tag Removal | Common Methods

Skin Tag Removal Quick Facts About Skin Tags Common Skin Tag Treatment Methods

Skin tag removal is an alternative to be considered once we understand more about skin tags. A skin tag is a tiny benign, ie harmless tumor that is attached to normal skin by a thin tissue called a stalk or peduncle. Medically called acrochordon, they can vary in appearance and shape and are usually a few millimeters in diameter. The color of skin tags can be the same as its surrounding skin or pigmented, ie darker. They normally appear on armpits, neck, chest, eyelids, under the breasts and genital area. They do not have any symptoms.

Skin tags are apparently more prevalent among women. Obesity, pregnancy, diabetes, hereditary and old age also increases the occurrence. They are harmless and mostly painless and can be left alone. But in some cases, they do come into close contact with clothing and skin folds, and abrasion can take place. This can cause great discomfort and it becomes necessary to remove the skin tags.

Skin tag removal
is essential to get rid of the ugly tags when they appear on obvious, visible body parts. The common treatment methods are by freezing and burning the tag and stalk, cutting off the blood supply by tying the tag, or simply by cutting them away with scissors or a scalpel.

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